Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanks to my friend Zube~

 As you can see, my friend Zube has made a video of Dark Moon! If you click on the below here, or go to the left side of my page, you will be taken to the blog of Zube Udimo, my friend in Second Life. I first met Zube ages ago when she entered a photo contest at the old AngelGate sim. Turns out she is a graphic artist, and a very good photographer! I was very impressed that Zube made this film just a few days after we talked about how she was going to try to learn machinima. Pretty darn good for a first try, yes? Be sure to scroll down past the first two photos to see the video. after clicking on the highlighted words below! Thank you Zube!

Zube's World: Dark Moon: "Well where do I start!

In the very early days of my second life I was blessed with the good fortune to have stumbled into a place of sur..."

or on YouTube: