Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the Beginning . . .

When I first visited Second Life, it was because my sister, Elle Bellah, was working on her Master’s degree here by building a tutorial garden. I set my home to a temple at the back of it! Often I felt like I should be wearing a toga and giving tarot readings. Turns out after a while I did do that! Playing “The Gypsy of Aglarond” did not last long, but I did learn that tarot cards work on two levels in SL! First, I found I could ‘read’ the role-play story, but then the person behind the avatar’s real life would leak through as well! Oh, and much later, I got a toga!

Later I was to meet Luco Roffo! Together we made our home Dark Moon, where we still reside three years later.

Partnered for Three Years!

Luco Roffo

 Dark Moon is now in its fifth incarnation.First, Dark Moon had a Mediterranean theme. Then it was winter. But soon, spring came again, and Dark Moon became a haven for the Fae folk, and mermaids and men, all magical gardens and reefs. Next, Dark Moon moved to become part of the non-profit AngelGate art sim. I called it AngelGate’s Mythical Outback. That version of Dark Moon was laced with mysterious caves; one of the caves even drew unicorns back from times of yore. But more than that, Dark Moon shared the landscape of Angelgate. A huge reef ran through the sim and mountains towered above the land sporting precarious paths for horseback riding, or just hiking along.

Remember AngelGate?  Yes, I was the original estate manager for that lovely art sim. Unfortunately the website is gone, but I would like to reprint my farewell blog from that site here. Unlike Dark Moon, AngelGate was a full sim, so I kept a Memorial Shrine for those who had lost loved ones. The Shrine was always full of candles placed by avatars missing real life and Second Life friends to be remembered.

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