Friday, July 1, 2011

New Discoveries! Telepathic Swamp Lilies!

The Intrepid Researcher

Our research team has just discovered a new species of plant life that has sprung up practically over night here in the Bog of Dark Moon! These are telepathic swamp lilies! At first we marveled at the swamp lilies beauty alone. They seem to exude a blue light. But we notices that more were sprouting up and that that blue rays of light seemed to connect these plants.  One of our more adventuresome researchers (trusting the process, and her previous experience here on Dark Moon) decided to step into the beam of light that radiated out from these plants. She was quite surprised at the sensations she experienced and reported them to us all. Apparently the swamp lilies (much like the Puffer Lilies) are a communicative plant. Whereas the Puffer Flower mists an avatar to communicate the essence of the Bog, the telepathic swamp lilies keep the all of the plants in the Bog in direct contact with one another! However, this is only discovered by extremely sensitive avatars that are not afraid to let this information emerge. Yes, I am sorry to say this is one area most of us are left out of the loop. The Swamp Lilies only "bloom" when there is enough disruption to the ecosystem to require that the plant align with intent.
The Northern Line of Communication
Our brave, and extremely sensitive researcher found that the extreme amount of avatar traffic on Dark Moon had indeed precipitated a need for the plants to be sure that all life forms were in tune with the loving nature of the ecosystem. Hence, they had "bloomed" over night to facilitate communication. You may see the Telepathic Swamp Lilies at the extreme edges of the Bog, mostly the north and east, where most avatar activity occurs.
Leigh Lines of Communication
But no worries, the plants have it all under control! The vibrations of love and compassion will not be trampled. We have here an opportunity to witness the direct control, or shall I say emergent properties, of this ecosystem! Indeed it is a thrill to witness such cooperation and communication skills between plants in the face of other life forms! We will keep you informed of future developments!
Moon Fruit Trees Kept in the Loop!
Enjoy,     Neph~

Telepathic Swamp Lilies by soror Nishi : )