Monday, March 14, 2011


I gotta say, soror Nishi's work ROCKS! In fact it was my fear of her leaving SL that prompted this latest version of Dark Moon. Yes, Dark Moon has been redone again! Now it is a fantasy bog inspired by soror's work. Zube Udimo contributed her skills as well, by helping with the cave, and contributing her statue and fountain! Shenn Coleman, a new SL friend, has made and donated a free gift! When you click on the Dark Moon sign in the entry cave, you will not only recieve information about the land, but also a free Flying Bubble! Just perfect to explore the bog and the Garden of the Ancients above it~!

Garden of the Ancients? You might wonder exactly what that is. Well, the bog is an ecosystem unto itself. Our research teams are studying it now! Read on!

We have researchers in the field now finding out how these life forms interact. The plants species here seem to mostly have symbiotic relationships. It is very important we find out how they interact, as it seems that somehow these plants contribute to an avatars wellbeing. We would not want to disturb such a beneficial ecosystem. Our very very pixels may depend up on the survival of this bog's life forms!

The floating tuberplants at Dark Moon are the central life form of the ecosystem. Our research team has studied them and discovered that indeed these plants hold the whole bog together. They are wise and compassionate and seem to thrive on love. Though this was hard to measure, we discovered through a series of tests, that avatars cuddling, or lovingly chatting or dancing near a tuberplant, not only felt better, but the tuberplant actually floated with a higher vibration of energy.

You may note that the older tuberplants, the bigger ones, float higher than the young ones. These adult tuberplants can, and want to, support avatars. You may stand on them and commune with them. In fact, they have evolved in such a way that the older they get, the wiser, more compassionate, and supportive they become. The younger tuberplants aspire to this.

Starting in the bog itself, a tuberplant begins to float upward seeking nutrients. You may note that the Pitcher Plants produce green and cyan drops that float upward. This is what the tuberplants seek. The symbiotic relationship between the tuber plants and the pitcher plants works in this way: A tuberplant emerges from the bog surviving only on the nutrients left in the spore that was produced by an older tuberplant. The tuberplant then begins to float upward and as it does, begins to sense the airborne particles produced by the pitcher plants. As the tuberplant "feeds" on these particles, it grows bigger and can float up higher. However, the pitcher plants provide only part of what the young tuberplant needs.

As soon as we are done studying the flora here, we will report to you all!