Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Unicorn

Meeting the Unicorn!
Most people understand that unicorns are rare and noble creatures. Recently, I was happy to discover a Unicorn had migrated to Dark Moon from a magical land! Years ago, I found many Unicorns while excavating a cave!

I first encountered this Unicorn on Dark Moon today! He was a bit skittish and so was I! 

Taming each other
Somehow we saw into each others souls, and later I realized that the loving flora of Dark Moon had made this happen easily. The Unicorn told me of his journey from a magical land he lived in full of fairies and elves. Apparently this Unicorn is an adventuresome character and migrated to Dark Moon from another world, just as the hippos had previously!

So we became fast friends! We walked the rivers and forests of Dark Moon together and played! We both happen to be VERY playful, so that is definitely good!  : )
Becoming Friends
I was just showing my new friend the wishing well here at Dark Moon, when suddenly I was overtaken by a dizzy spell! I don't know if it was the shining trees blooming, or perhaps I had slightly overdosed on seed pods...but I passed out! My Unicorn friend nudged me to no avail, he later told me!
What happened at the well
But this Unicorn is a healer! He reared up, and asking the loving flora for help, managed to send loving healing energy to me! This helped and I became conscious, but I still could not walk!

Unicorns Heal
Of course the Unicorn had been communing with the plant life, and watching where avatars hung out, so he knew to take me to the Green House for help.
Carrying me to the Green House
My new friend delivered me right to the door!

Taking me inside

Of course, now that we are great friends, we mostly hang out where we first met. The Unicorn seems to like this part of Dark Moon the best. Although he does not mind the water of the Bog, he seems to prefer the high country. Hey, that's ok! : ))

Unicorn Home
This particular Unicorn told me he was great friends with Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe (well, of course he would check in at a Fae land upon arriving in SL). Her shop and fabulous creations can be found here:  Be sure to check out the wonderful forest below the store!

The magical Wishing Well is by Klyks Klees and can be found at: Thanks Klyks! : )