Friday, December 3, 2010


 So I had this chance to terraform 3 sims for UTHSC. It was a lot of fun, cause as we all know, I LOVE TERRAFORMING! The university wanted kind of a camel back mountain flowing into the beaches east and west of it. So that I did. The really fun part was landscaping and creating little areas to interact within. ConstructivIST Solo provided the major structures that educational evens would take place in. Zola Zsun, of course, made all the plants, and I provided the final touches includings all the animals. I created a little shanty town in the west, the Frida Kahlo Memorial Library in the east, right next to a fishing village. Now don't forget this is Texas, so much of the lanscape and theme reflects this.

However, the sims are scheduled to be reclaimed! No one was using the joint! So I had a little fun! I figured the shanty town had a history that went way back to the Victorian Era. And indeed there was the Green Faery Pub! Fallen to disuse now, we openend a burlesque club! Of course Zola HAD to perform, but I guess I did too (tee hee). The club was in a swampy area and had to be demolished due to malaria.

So then I decided to really go nuts! I re terraformed the western sim, textured all three of the sims again, and made the islands a giant, but slightly surreal grassland full of ruins and herds of goats and sheep. *Sigh* That was fun! Here is a pictorial record of it all!