Sunday, January 1, 2012


Winter Has Again Come To Dark Moon
Yes, winter has come to The Bog! Neph takes off with her faithful fox carriers to see the changes herself, after her researchers have reported the seasonal changes. But Neph also goes to meet her love, Luco, at the Ice Palace in The Bog for a dance.
Through the Forest They Go!
 Neph gazes at the icicle forest as her foxes carry her to the Ice Palace.
Lovely Under the Full Moon
Her faithful foxes carry her on. Through the forest, up the river, and into the bog itself
The Moonfruit Trees Love the Cold!
Neph's trusty fox carriers protect her feet from the cold waters of the bog. She marvels at the growth of the Moonfruit Trees spreading through the bog, as other plant life seems to have died back. It seems also that the fungal growth produced by the now gone tuberplants seem to glow brighter, as if to encourage this bloom.
Snow Mounds
The land seems to be surrounded by snow mounds that protect the Bog from the harsh winds of winter, though the snow falls and melts into the crystal waters.
Finally to the Ice Palace!
But Luco is not there! As the foxes arrive at the Ice Palace, the prearranged place to meet her love, Neph sees Luco has not arrived yet, and with a whimsical abandonment, asks the foxes to continue to tour the land.
On Through an Ice Arch!
The foxes continue through the Bog to higher ground, and discover an ice arch... It seems to lead to the northeast of the land where there is a surprise!
Up the Incline
Neph waits patiently as her faithful foxes trudge upward to this new area. The waters are cold, but the sparkling beauty keep the three of then enthralled. The Ice Palace behind can wait!
An Igloo!
Apparently there are animals here, snow owls, polar bears, penguins, and yes, a warm cozy igloo! It looks inviting, but Neph must see more of the seasonal change and urges the foxes onward!

Off they go! Onward to more exploration. There is the river, and lo, the sound of wolves from just south!
Yes! Wolves! And Neph is concerned, though they do not seem to attack. The wolves and ravens have a pact, helping each other find prey in the cold of winter. The sound of the howling, the bird calls, and even snow owls in the distance, blending into the howling wind, make Neph feel free and wild...she is reminded of a past life when she was a unicorn.
Many know there were once Unicorns at Dark Moon, but few know that Nepherses Amat herself was a unicorn in a past life! Neph believes that her fear of dogs in this life is connected to what happened many years ago, another winter at Dark Moon!
Attacked by wolves in the cold of winter, the unicorn struggled to free herself! She knew they did not need her as prey, and deeply believed that peace was possible. This is what magic is about, after all.
Struggling to her feet, the unicorn got up! It did not take long, just all of her strength, for sometimes we are tested in these ways.
With all her might, she not only stood, but asserted herself, her glorious power and beauty, and kicking and screaming, showed the wolves just who she was! This was a unicorn not to be trifled with! In fact, it was the magic of her species that was capable of bringing many different kinds of creatures to Dark Moon!
But it was not enough to overcome her fate with the wolves bearing down upon her, the unicorn wanted true peace. As we all know, the unicorn's horn is a magical instrument. It is capable of purifying water even! So with this, the unicorn made friends with these wolves. And they to this day do not attack innocent beings that come to Dark Moon, for the wolves learned it is important to not just act instinctively, but to truly see the beauty in all creatures, the magic of the glistening snow, the call of the raven, the wisdom of the owl, the tenaciousness of the badger, and especially the grace of the unicorn!
The foxes had carried Neph halfway up the river, past the swans before she came out of her reverie. The daze of a past life is powerful! She looked around blinking. Now it was up into the forest.
It was back through the forest, and past her badger friends on the way to the dance at the cliff before Luco arrived to meet Neph. He showed up not at the ice palace, but just at the edge of the forest near the family of magical hinds. It was there that they danced beneath the full moon, happy in love.
Do not forget, Neph and Luco live here in this magical place called Dark Moon. And the magic follows then time and again, perhaps through lifetimes, once a unicorn, and who knows what else?

(Cozy Igloo by Manda Braveheart of Yellow Rose Designs: Custom Builders.
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