Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sadly, Neph is unable to post

This post is being written by Kathy Roosa (Katje Broek in Second Life.) I am so sorry to report that Circe (also known on Second Life as Nepherses Amat) is terminally ill. She has been too exhausted to keep up this blog. She says she feels as if she is in a sort of limbo, where she lacks the energy to keep up with writing or even to visit people in person for long. This she finds very frustrating.

Circe deeply wishes to spend her last few weeks comfortably at home with her cat rather than in a medicaid-supported "facility." Circe has no money to pay for professional care, which is required if she is to stay at home. Over the last two and a half months wonderful friends and family from around the country have come to spend a week or more with her as she cannot live alone and needs assistance.

If you have been an admirer of her blogs or her Second Life sim, Dark Moon, you can now help Circe through a gofundme page that I have set up. Any donation will help! Money will be used to pay a professional carer who can be there when I cannot; I'll be spending nights and weekends with her. You'll receive an accounting of how your donation was used and updates about Circe, as well as much gratitude from both of us. Please go look at the page:\circe