Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dark Moon INDIA!

Yes, it's true . . . I did not blog Dark Moon India while it was there so you are just going to have to look at these photos if you missed it. Sorry, I have been blogging professionally now and, well, just too much to write.

Lot's of jungle, tigers, sacred cows, elephants and actual bird sounds of India. Did you know that largest mangrove forest in the world is at the mouth of a river in Bengal India? So I planted a mangrove forest. At first there was a tantric temple made of red sandstone from Agra. And I built that too! But I fell in love with a certain house and had to have it! So I replaced the that red temple with my home and a beach. Of course this enabled me to build a reef and some merfolk did show up too. So that was nice. 

As you can see the temple was surrounded by palms at the mouth of a river. I actually build the temple myself! That's a first for me being a designer and terraformer! I usually just create the environment and buy the objects. But that's my temple!

One thing I have discovered is that these builds of mine seem to go with my moods, phases of my life. Dark Moon India was a time of healing, coming out of a dark night of the soul, which of course manifested itself in the Dark Moon Underworld Journey build. I find Second Life an interesting creative outlet to record all of this.

So let me just put some more pics here and if you were one of the people who visited, please tell me what you think! Well, even if you weren't!

So let me know . . . were you at Dark Moon India? If not, sorry you missed it! But you can now visit Dark Moon Avalon Isle here

Feel free to stop by for a visit!