Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Now on display at UTSA Art Space is what I hear is Igor Ballyhoo's final build! Golly I hope not! But I must say it is SPECTACULAR!


Set to Beethoven's 7th, the installation is a dark, cyborg-esque aerial landscape. Floating islands create stairs up to various smaller works. Often they support rusty partial human figures that read like Bosch. In one floating island room two cynical rusty cupid figures guard an imprisoned time piece, or at least that is how it appears to me. Many of the figures appear mutilated and dangerous as they march time to the dramatic chromatic bass line of Beethoven's coda. It is a march to a dark future.

Now I usually do not like dark works, and I do not know that this installation was build with Beethoven's 7th in mind. The combination, however made me feel as if I was to accept some sort of futuristic doom joyfully.
The juxtaposition left my avatar dancing ballet dementedly amongst the floating islands. Also the tempered use of glow inspired Neph to dance in a small electric gazebo she found.
And although black, white, and red have been done to death, the blood dripping UP from the central chessboard platform was a reassuring reference to Alice in Wonderland, not to mention Steven King!
Remnants of Igor's Scissor Forest circle menacingly through the sky as if to say, "Remember me."  (see my "Art & About" for pics of the scissor forest!). Gee~ I hope he comes back!

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