Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spirit, Life, Death, Birth, Claudia222 Jewell

 Yes, that is me! I was reading profiles and came upon a link to Spirit by claudia222 Jewell. Clicking on the link led me to a fantastical art installation that offered a free avatar! Here she is! This avatar allowed me to blend into the scenery. Interestingly, I suddenly felt that I understood the beauty of this strange place, when in this avatar. What was at first a chaos of surrealistic organic forms took on a new meaning. Recently you may have heard me say things like, "I am sick of 'dark' art," and this did appear dark to me at first. But in this alien avatar I was allowed to slip into a fantasy that made sense of my surroundings . . . or seemed to. I don't really know what the artist had in mind, but here is my take. You see, I once had the idea to do a painting of a jungle in the wrong colors, the colors of the insides of our bodies. I wanted to show that organic shapes, in growth, in decay, in life and death, shared a certain form and beauty, the rhythm or fractaline  mirrors of seeming opposites. That is what I found here! Claudia has organic forms looming threateningly about, yet possessing a strange beauty that makes me think of life and death, and the relationship of the two. Of course this build is called Spirit!
 What I saw here was a spirit leaving a dying body, community rushing to help, little spirits and Goddesses standing by in witness and blessings, perhaps midwifing the death. With the music at the sim on, this brought me to tears.
I was touched by the expressions of the faces of the 'helpers.' The serious concern of a technical expert, and a loving compassion shown through these creatures while they worked.
But it all became too much for me as I stood witness with two others of what seemed to be the birth of a baby, threatened by predators, guarded by its mother, in one of the many floating islands of the build. I had to leave . . . and I went on to check out another build by Claudia at JASS.
  One must fly up about 500 meters to get to the build. I did not catch a name. But here is the link!  From the distance the build looks like a glob of cellular matter. How perfect is that? If Spirit is Death in Life (is it?) then this is BIRTH! Here abundance and erotic sensuality run rampant! But there were threats too! I came across some scary brain eating octopus and had to fly of to another orb of the build!
 When I did I found a lovely, lovely sort of insect Goddess, spirit, guardian? Well she was a bee I think. She was so serenely protective of me I felt completely safe embraced in her arms, as she flew me around the rest of JASS. YES! You can sit on these lovely creature's and they will fly you around! But be warned, they are bees after all!
 Pollinating flowers seemed a fitting activity for us! How erotic is that? Flying into plant genitalia to help them reproduce? Tee hee. The shapes and textures of the flower, the orbs, each object we flew through seemed wet and pulsating. This was conception, gestation in a hybrid that transitioned botany and biology.
 Here we are in a particularly juicy flower reminiscent of a vulva. Above us a lovely moth Goddess emerges from a chrysalis.
  Then we were off looking for more flowers, my lovely Bee Goddess holding me securely.

 I noticed faces all seemed familiar, and wondered if these snake Goddess, and the rest, were the artist's face?
 And lo~ what seemed to be a nursery, or at least a symbolic one. One of the womb-like orbs holds the head of an infant, supported by eagles. How delicate is an infant's scull? As delicate as an egg? How does it hold the potential of a future life, or of many past lives? Do we dream of that utero? Finally, I gave up my lovely Bee Goddess, she flew off smiling beneficently, to dance the cosmic organic dance of life.


The first stop to get your ave is Spirit:
Then after exploring that, go to JASS:
(Don't forget you have to fly up! I have set the Slurl right to the Bees! So follow the red arrow! OH! And use "sounds" not the stream at JASS!)


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