Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dark Moon Underworld Journy

Again Dark Moon had evolved into another kind of habitat, an environment Neph is very familiar with: mythology! Greek mythology. And this time Dark Moon is a journey from The Underworld, up through the caverns and winding ways to, well a mystical carnival, which could feel like the Elysian Fields. Follow along with Neph, her Felhound and Guardian as we tour!

 The moment the land, they find themselves in water and spy a gazebo. But heading to it, they realize they should have gone into the cave entrance. So after a quick dance . . . they headed back.

 The entrance was a bit intimidating and they found they could not fly up to the top, but upon taking a note from the welcome sign, and briefly looking through it, they found there was a reason for that! Apparently the idea was to explore cthonic reality of the Underworld with its meandering passage ways, hidden nooks and crannies, and cryptic messages. The passageways were indeed confusing, many dead ending at a place to dance or a waterfall.
 But they finally came to a couple of sets of stairways several meters apart. One looked more inviting than the other. Later they were to find out that one was more dangerous too! Making note of the ways up, Neph, her Guardian and the Felhound continued on through this water level of the Greeted by glowing growths that changed colors, the passageways began to seem more inviting.

Another opening appeared! Wading through the glowing cave dwellers was a delight while heading toward the small opening to another passageway they spied. Where would it lead?

 Apparently to a lovely plum sunrise over a veridian sea! Perhaps later, the top was the goal, as the note said, "Now Dark Moon is now an Underworld Journey to? Well travel upwards and see! Do not avoid the journey! Traverse the Underworld. Create your soul." Who would want to miss that?

 So after enjoying the sunrise they retraced their steps and acended the set of stairs they found most inviting. There were two ways to go. Turning to the right they discovered a cozy library! Embedded in the books a poem that fit the mood soothed the trepidation that filled the soul. 

"In Xanadu did Kublai Khan
A stately Pleasure-Dome decree,
Where Alph, the sacred river ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea."
Neph read aloud to her Guardian while the Felhound stood faithfully at their feet. It was a meaningful moment, wine, company . . . good lighting. What more could one ask? This part of the cave was so cozy.

 But onward they journeyed through a long passageway. It was getting hot and the Felhound in particular was glad of the water in a barrel along the way. Neph gathered a dipper of it for him to lap up. And they they were off again toward a warm glow, that got warmer as they approached!
 This must be volcanic! The raging fire from the stone was sure to be the Forge of Hephaestus. Neph decided to try her hand at forging some weapons . . . who knows what lie ahead? The fire raged, the bellows blew, her Guardian took a stance of protection as was his way. The Felhound growled.
 But this is hot work! And soon Neph was wet with perspiration, her arms sore from weilding the tools of iron. Creation is a hard work, just as any mother in labor! And LO! The hot fire charred her skin! Neph had taken on not the pallor one would expect in a world without sun, but instead a sooty shade of ebony.
Her Guardian, as they are wont to do, suggested they move on.

 The Temple of Hephaestus appeared just further on. "Speak the word 'lumen' was inscribed in the ancient runes carved into stone pillars to invoke the magic of the ruins; it is a worship of solitary dance.
 Continuing north (but who could tell in this maze?) one approached the Dark Goddess Hecate herself! The Council Table with wine and food bespoke the solemn nature of this gathering space. Goddess speaks when touched, she tells her tale, and that of Persephone . . . but the historical tale.

 Where now? The secret, and only way up, is around the bend behind the Dark Goddess! And you must climb a rope to get up there, but turns out, it's worth it! Upon climbing a fantasy land invites bliss.
 Elven pathways lead to flowered fields and yes, the mystical carnival! Elephants, and chirping herds of small animals live in the big top tent. A carousel waits to be ridden, white weasels run playfully in the underbrush, and a wishing well grants your desires. Wine, cake, and dances let you relax around the playful animals and colorful views.
Confirming the travelers decide an overveiw is needed and spying a stairway hidden in the brush, well actually they spied the ferris wheel and figured there must be a way up, they decided to continue to climb

 The view was worth it.

 Much later, another day

 You can often find Neph with her friends Zube and Maurizio hanging out with the owls in the stone circle ruin that has been taken over by the owls. Yep, this is out the back way from the water level of the caverns. There is a small bog with bridges that lead to a shack. This is deceptive, for actually the little shack is the Museum of Dark Moon History where you can pictures of previous versions of Dark Moon. There have been nine previous versions! Each picture, or set of books about, have a link to this blog on that version, or a blog by someone else  about Dark Moon, or a machinima.n So enjoy!


  1. I am quite sure I unconsciously anticipated my partner, Luco Roffo, leaving me when I created this version of Dark Moon. He left SL and me after 5 years. Neph is in her own underworld now and she hopes to work her way out of it somehow.

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