Sunday, February 13, 2011


The international group that gathered
 This week's artist Michiel Bechir, who dazzled us with his inworld landscapes. This was the second of the Art & Chat series, and an international group assembled. Perhaps it was because Michiel is from the Netherlands. Some of his friends attended, as did Zola Zsun, Ludo Merit, Fenix Muhindra, and my old friend Mirella Dallagio, from Italy. Mirella, an inworld photographer, in her own right, had just told me how she takes a phenomenological stance to her experiences in SL. Mirella believes our perceptions are all we have access to in any reality, therefore our experiences in Second Life are as real as those in real life. . . or should I say First Life? I tend to agree.
Mirella & Neph
Perhaps the fact that English was not everyone's first language contributed to the meanderings of the conversation. Part of the groups seemed to want to talk about the more technical side of Michiel's photographs, whereas Einy Marksman, always the emotional fellow, wanted to know about motivation. He finally had his answer as to what motivated Michiel, in his photography, when Michiel admitted he was a traveler and explorer in First Life too. I was still thinking about perception and our experience, in relation to the landscapes.
Einy surrounded by women
 I am very tied to my home Dark Moon. There are several other places in Second Life that I have deep emotional ties to as well. Who can forget their first few months in Second Life when our mirror neurons were firing like crazy as we discovered Second Life's magic? I actually cried in First Life when I was first hatched as a dragon! Celtic music was playing in the background and I felt I had entered a dream, or childhood fantasy.
Michiel pointing out one of his photos

Michel describing his works
So perhaps that is what Michiel feels as he photographs the lovely landscapes of various role play sims in Second Life! If you want to check out more of Michiel's photography, look at his Flickr page at:

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  1. Thank you Michiel for saring your work with us! The works will stay up for at least a week if you want to come see them and IM Michiel for LMs to the sites of his landscapes!
    Be sure to check events for Feb. 27th when Einy, a professional photographer in RL shows his new works!