Monday, February 28, 2011

ART & CHAT at Dark Moon~ IMPACT!

Almost a dozen showed up
Einy relaxing with Skye
 Yes folks, it was the Einy show! And you know, Einy is a show! He is always present for deep converstation, full of ideas, and a generally supportive guy! Last Sunday, the 27th, Einy led a discussion about his photographs here at the Dark Moon Cafe. As usual, Einy was surrounded by women! Why is that? Well, cause he's an honest, open guy! Einy Marksman not only has his following of women is SL, but is also a successful RL photographer.

Neph, Skye, Anna & Einy
Among the pieces we discusses on Sunday was "Free," a photo of a friend of Einy's on the beach leaping into the air. SkyeBunny Hawksby was very observant in stating that indeed, the subject did not seem free, but a bit stilted because he does not really look human. This generated some discussion. Einy talked about the story behind the photo, as well as the fact that the final piece was from a Polaroid! Here is what Einy says about it. "This is an image of un bridled kinetic energy and being ecstatic. There is an energy that is also confrontational:  the form is coming at the viewer of a masculine humanoid jumping on a beach at sunset.  It may be viewed as direct jubilant energy.  It is a freeing moment to me."

"Hanging by a Thread" also reflected Einy's personal history. And what artist does not express their lives in their art? I love this photo in particular. It evoked memories of my own, from when I was a child playing with those little green worms in the grapevines my grandparents grew. Here is what Einy said about this photo: "On the surface it is a study of texture, lush garden greenery and worn an rugged hemp twine with a rusted nail hung in it.
It is also about hope. Hanging by a thread and still having an opportunity to be useful and strong. "

Hanging by a Thread
Note the Huichol influences of "Carlos Deer." And what a gift to have a deer walk up and pose! About Carlos Deey, Einy said, "This deer has offered me some of her wisdom.  It is a magical deer and a sacred soul. It is from a dream in the teachings of Don Juan. (I really dig the shapes that happen in the criss cross of twigs). The Carlos I refer to is Carlos Castaneda, the Anthropologist who brought us the Teachings of Don Juan. Is you listen close, the deer is whispering to you a message"

Carlos Deer
Einy certainly knows how to manipulate a straight ahead photo so that it reflects his inner lanscape. There are, however, two straight ahead photos hanging too. One is "Don't Fence Me In," and the other is "Magic and Wonder." You can still see these at the Dark Moon Cafe until next week! So pop on over and look!

Zola pops in
Don't forget to get the "Notes from the Artist" and the free gift on the stone table! AND don't forget that next Sunday, March 3rd, a mythologist will show her work for us to discuss! That's Sunday at 10 AM SLT at Dark Moon Cafe.

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