Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It is hard to believe, but yesterday was the 4th SL Valentine Day for Luco and me! As tradition has dictated, we celebrated with a romantic dance, this time out at the point, on Dark Moon. I had bought Slow Dance 12 after we fell in love with it at Midsommer last year. So, it is fast becoming our favorite dance. And I must say, the view is spectacular from here.

When you consider a day in Second Life is two and half hours, me and Luco's four years add up to . . . hmm . . . I cannot do the math, can you? But relationships in SL are real: the emotions are real, the people behind the screens are real, and most of all the time spent is real. You can really get to know a person!

So what is it about romantic relationships here that make them so intriguing?  When you consider many involved in them never intend to meet, many keep their identities secret (or parts of them anyway) and that many people involved in relationships here are married to others in RL, you begin to wonder what IS the core of romantic involvement here in SL.  I mean some need is being met!
 For those who are not partnered in RL, is it merely satisfying to have a relationship here in SL?  Or perhaps relationships here are a testing ground where we can garner the confidence we lack in RL?  Are we just lazy?  Is the mystery or lack of ‘baggage’ attractive?  Well these are just things to think about.  And think we should because ultimately we are real people in real relationships and we must mean something by all this!

 I mean if love is a projection of our own ideals on to the beloved in RL, how much more so here? 
But I know Luco and I are in for the long haul. We count on each other, talk almost everyday, and plan to keep it that way with our traditional Valentine's Day dance!

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