Friday, September 3, 2010

Ancient New Area

There is a new area here at Dark Moon. In the Southeast of the island you can do Tai Chi at dawn. Well, it is always dawn at Dark Moon, so that should be real easy for you to time! You know, not that very long ago, (maybe two upgrades in V.1 ago?) I could set Dark Moon so that the red sun was setting while the red moon was rising. Now that was a very nice time of day. Now that Windlight exists, with the environmental editor, anyone may be seeing Dark Moon in any light. Well, I made it for regional default that I personally set, and graphics set to mid. So, for the best effects on Dark Moon, that’s the way to go.

However, the Windlight settings would be great to play with, if indeed I could choose one to set my sim too. If you’ve been reading the Project Snowjob (oh! Pardon me, SnowSTORM) you would have seen that a couple of residents have suggested that as an improvement to viewer 2. Most people hate V.2 it turns out. Goddess knows I do. I need new learning curve like a hole in the head! Not to mention that the interface eats up half the screen.
Hey wait! This was going to be an entry about the new area on Dark Moon! So this new temple structure is to hang out at. Well, just look to the pics on the right. Know you can meditate, dance, do Tai Chi, or sleep on a lily pad among the birds there. There’s even a sleeping mat for the homeless in one room. Maybe I will get around to doing some more research and embedding it in objects via notecards and web links. You do know you can click on many things at Dark Moon, don’t you? Hey, you might even find some psychology papers lying around!
Papers in the books in central structure

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