Monday, September 6, 2010


Chouchou is dizzying
It’s true. Neph gets pretty sad when Luco is not around for a while. Usually, she turns quite pale. And being in this black and white mode of melancholy, Neph sought a like ambience. Prolly not the best idea, but that is what she did. Neph wandered sims that reflected her mood. First she came across Chouchou, and it felt like the end of the world. The cathedral was huge! Neph was lost and dazzled amongst the stairways, and bell tower. The view reflected her mood. This place was so big and empty. She had to continue on...
The End of the World

Silent companion
 Neph sought solace at the sim called Immersiva. The name suggested she could escape here. Neph found a creature to befriend there. But she was absorbed in her fishing, and seemed unable to talk anyway. However, there was a show there. Sitting in the audience, Neph looked closely at the lone actress on the stage realizing she had no idea what the character was doing. Looking closer Neph could not tell if she was painting, or performing surgery, maybe calligraphy! 

She was black and white like Neph, but again, the two remained in  their separate worlds. 
Neph noted her boots where wet.
Her boots were wet
Flying on, Neph did finally find a place where she recognized the plant life! A Fae can always use a good ‘shroom to sink into. 
But she was so alone! Looking for signs of life made me tired. A strange horse offered me a place to rest, but Neph became uncomfortable with the arrangement, and carried on. 


Neph discovered a view. This would do for a bit. 
Things were becoming overwhelmingly surreal. Neph had to get things off her chess! But crawling through tiny doors, and sitting in big chairs only made things worse! Neph had fallen down a rabbit hole that seemed bottomless! Could not make a move! Caught like a fly! 
Akasha's Rabbit Hole
At least everything matched her outfit!

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  1. Immersiva by Bryn Oh, great place, great artist! Down the Rabbit Hole can be found at Akasha Wachmann's place, check her profile for slurl! Chouchou can be found in showcase under editor's pics~